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Age is simply a NUMBER.  I could honestly care less.  The only time I might feel a little insecure about my age is when I’m chatting with the cute girls at the gym or the coffee shop or out shopping and feeling like I am “their age” and they end up being about 10 years younger…haha.  But hey, you are…

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St. Regis Spa Weekend

First of all, my husband is a saint for allowing this weekend to happen.  For Christmas, my dad gave all of us “Glenn girls” a spa weekend at St. Regis in Atlanta.  So, shortly after Christmas, we booked the weekend, which happened to be my mom’s birthday, a perfect weekend to celebrate!  Of course, on Friday morning, my youngest son,…

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Celebrating Grayson!

Sorry for Grayson overload, but over at the Poe household, we make a pretty big deal about birthdays.  I LOVE birthdays and love celebrating, so that’s just what we do.  I basically force it upon the rest of the Poe fam.  Grayson had a huge birthday celebration weekend, with school being cancelled on Friday and a birthday party on Saturday. …

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G’s Birth Story

To be completely transparent, Grayson is my baby NOW.  We think we may want 1 more child, but you also never know what God has planned for you, so for now and maybe forever he is “THE BABY”.  Grayson turns TWO today, January 19th, so I decided to share his birth story.  Some people may think that a birth story…

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Turks and Caicos…Dreaming of Vacation

Amidst these freezing temperatures and Winter weather, and then now getting a sneak peek of some warmer weather, I am totally dreaming of a tropical vacation.  We vacationed to one of our favorite destinations twice before Handstand Happiness was started, and we are asked often about our trip. So, while as I am dreaming (and begging) over here for Nelson…

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Five on Friday: New Year, Better You

So every year, Nelson and I sit down for a coffee or lunch date right before the New Year and discuss our goals for the upcoming year.  Not just our resolutions, but everything from how we can be accountable and encouraging in our walks with God to financial goals, to planning vacations, improving our marriage, focusing on our friendships, career…

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Saranghae Means I Love You

First off, 2 true confessions – #1, I am NO skin care expert and #2, I was the WORST about washing my face throughout high school and even college and beyond.  I fortunately didn’t really have any “skin issues”, so I thought it was totally fine to go to bed with my full face of makeup.  What 20 year old…

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Holiday Looks

I cannot believe that Christmas is a little over 1 week away and the next week is JAMMED pack with activities for us.  Stressful, but nonetheless SO much fun and the best time of year for sure!  Part of the fun is dressing the part.  I LOVE holiday style and here are some of my favorites for this year.  Many…

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ALL the Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers tend to be my last minute gifts, but I love finding fun and unique items to stuff in my husband’s stocking and not just “fluff”.  My mom always stuffed our stockings with the best stuff:  our favorite lipgloss, facial moisturizer, gift cards, etc… Some years if it has been last minute, my husband and I both have simply…

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GVL Local Gift Guide

You asked for it, Greenville peeps.  So, here it is.  And even for those of you non-locals, many of these shops offer shipping, and even provide online shopping, so hear me out 😉  If you know me, you know I LOVE shopping and as much as I love shopping for myself, I truly love finding unique and thoughtful gifts for…

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